June 6-8


Friday, June 6 – Evening Session
Kendall Faull – Soldiers of the Cross
Tony Sullivan – Hell is Real!

Saturday, June 7 – Morning Session
Lee Mason – Willingness to Serve
Tony Sullivan – What’s in a Name?

Saturday, June 7 – Afternoon Session
Linda Zugg (Ladies’ Session) – Faith (no recording)
Kerry Allen – Thy Will Be Done

Saturday, June 7 – Evening Session
Lee Mason – Impressed by Four Friends
Kerry Allen – Keys to Success

Sunday, June 8 – Morning Session
Kenny Zugg – Living with Perspective
Bob Stevens – Expectations for Discipleship

Sunday, June 8 – Evening Session
Hosted by South Side Church of Christ
Lee Mason – Don’t Miss the Peace of God
(some technical difficulties during sermon)

Tuesday, June 10 – Vermilion County Meeting
Hosted by South Side Church of Christ
Kerry Allen (technical difficulties, no recording)

Leading Song Services – Zugg Family Singers
Other Musicians – Melton Family Trio & Axiomatic Worship Band

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